Online Poker: How to Stay Invisible and Win?

Online Poker

One of the key factors for successful online poker is your “invisibility” at the gaming table. To achieve this factor, you need to know a few simple tricks that successful players use.


Beautiful nicknames are very quickly remembered. When playing poker online for free, you should not come up with something interesting. The more difficult your nickname is to read, the more letters/numbers it has, and the less noticeable it is! But, of course, you shouldn’t abuse it, making too long and “clumsy” nicknames.



Change avatars as often as possible, or don’t use them at all. If the opponents at the gaming table did not remember you by your nickname, then they may well remember you by a bright and eye-catching avatar that flickers before their eyes from time to time. Install standard avatars from the poker room, changing them from time to time. If you put your own avatars, then choose something not catchy, something that does not linger on the eye. Or don’t use any avatars at all.


You should not sit down at the table constantly with the same stack. Especially, which is included in a certain poker strategy. And even more so, you should not put an auto-buy of chips. All these actions show your opponents at the poker table that you are at least familiar with the basics of certain poker strategies. In particular, bankroll management strategies.



If the first three “invisibility” factors will help you against most non-professional poker players, then they are unlikely to save you from the so-called “regulars”. Which often use statistical programs like “Hold’em Manager” when playing. Therefore, do not constantly do the same actions of the same type in the game. Try to play differently in similar game situations. Stereotyping is predictable, it is perfectly readable by ordinary players and even more so by statistical programs.

Professional poker player Dan Harrington speaks very interestingly about this. This suggests, in similar game situations, just look at the hand of your watch and, depending on whether the number on the clock is even or odd, act differently. Thus, you confuse the opponent and do not keep it in your head, as you did before. Everything will be decided by chance.

Summing up you should not stand out and draw attention to yourself by any means. On the contrary, you should always try to stay in the background. So that they don’t notice you, and when they notice your actions are extremely difficult to “read”. Poker is a game of shadows, and successful players are well aware of this! Be inconspicuous and your chances of winning will increase.

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