Best eSports Betting Strategies

Best eSports Betting

The lack of choice on what to bet on among sporting events forces one to pay attention to eSports. There are subtle points and interesting strategies on how to increase profits in this industry with the help of bookmakers.


Let’s start with FIFA. Still, most of all in the world bets on football, so it is logical to assume that in the absence of real football, bettors will switch to virtual. Predicting in this game, you need to look at the outcomes very carefully – FIFA matches look quite “random”. First of all, you need to pay attention to the totals, and in live mode.

The surest strategy is to catch goals at grassroots matches. Bookmakers usually lower the odds if they see that there are not many goals in the match. However, over time, players lose concentration to keep the defence, and goals come. So, if the scoreboard shows a goalless draw by the 25th minute, then it makes sense to bet on the total of 2.5. Usually, by this moment, the coefficient for this event exceeds 2 – many, seeing indoor football, bet on the bottom.

Similarly, if the players cannot score against each other by the 50th minute, you should bet on a total over 1.5. In this case, quotes for this rate will also exceed the deuce. If there are no goals by the 70th minute, then you need to bet that someone will score, that is, the total is over 0.5. Goals most often happen in the last minutes.



Next, consider the strategy of betting on the popular game CS: GO. One strategy is to bet on a strong team to win big tournaments. That is, to place a bet on the clear favourite of the competition with his strong motivation. This means that at least two conditions must be met. The first is that the tournament where the potential winner plays is really worth the candle. Secondly, a strong team should have a tournament goal – the outcome in this particular match should predetermine the team’s future in the competition. Subject to these two conditions, you can safely bet on the alleged favourite, although the odds for this outcome will not be large.

Betting on Underdog

Betting on Underdog

Another strategy involves betting on the underdog in smaller competitions. In a minor tournament, the favourites usually experiment with the style of play and lineup, while the weaker teams try to use the chance to make themselves known. Betting on an outsider at this moment can be profitable in terms of odds, although the probability of passing the bet is still no more than 50%.

The status of the tournament is also important. The favourite in the big games plays very concentrated, not allowing the outsider to win even battles. Of course, you need to take into account the importance and unimportance of the upcoming match for the favourite. 

Finally, let’s touch on the most popular esports games on the planet – League of Legends and Dota 2. Here, betting on a total number of maps is also relevant. Everything is the same as in CS: GO – if equal teams oppose each other, then you can bet more than 2.5 on maps. If there is a favourite and an outsider, then you can bet on total cards less than 2.5.

In general, esports betting strategies do not differ much from regular sports betting strategies. There is still no “magic” strategy, so the profitability of a particular betting method is determined by the ability to analyze and knowledge of the player.

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