Basketball Betting Strategy You Need to Know

Basketball Betting Strategy

The chaotic and unsystematic implementation of bets on basketball sooner or later leads to the bankruptcy of even true experts in this sport. The game strategy is a step-by-step guide for a better, following which he can consistently be in the black. There are a lot of different systems used in basketball betting, and in order to find the right one, you need to experiment and try different strategies.

All of them can be divided into gaming and financial, as well as progressive and non-progressive, for pre-match and live betting. As a rule, players use combined strategies, where there is a game component and a financial one, usually Martingale. Most of the systems are designed for live betting since the score in basketball changes quite often, and this opens up great horizons for all sorts of experiments.

Odd/Even Basketball Betting Strategy

Odd/Even Basketball Betting Strategy

Beginning players are advised to try the even/odd live strategy, which, although it is as simple as possible, with a high discipline of the player, can regularly bring profit. According to the system, you need to bet on even or odd in the first quarter, and in case of losing the bet, bet on the same outcome in the second quarter – an even number of points if you chose even in the 1st quarter, or an odd number with the corresponding bet in quarter number one.

We double the amount of the bet after the loss, that is, we use the Martingale financial management strategy. If the bet didn’t work in the 2nd quarter, then we choose a similar outcome in the third quarter, then in the fourth, and in the case of a long series, in the first quarter of the second match. Each time we double the size of the bet until we win. Thus, the winning bet compensates for the losses and allows you to win money. It is worth noting that experienced bettors advise betting on odd when using the strategy.

Quarter Betting System

Quarter Betting System

The strategy of betting on basketball in quarters is also called the strategy of betting on the underdog, since players need to bet on the victory of the underdog of the match in each quarter, increasing the size of the bet after the next loss.

As you know, the favourite can afford to relax in some quarter. It could be the first one, when the favourite enters the game hard, or the second, third or fourth when the stronger team has made the difference and can take a rest. According to statistics, in almost every match an outsider wins at least one quarter.

Therefore, if you bet on the victory of the underdog in each quarter, raising the bet after a lost bet, at one moment the player will win and be in the black. Just don’t bet on hopeless outsiders who can lose all four quarters.

Bets On Other Markets

So let’s take an NBA game between Golden State and Cleveland. After analyzing the statistics and other factors, we predict a total of 180-185 in this match. Based on this, we make a corridor – we put TB (179.5) and TM (185.5). The final score is 89-93, that is, the total is 182 points, and both bets played – we got into the corridor.

What has been said here about basketball strategies is just the tip of the iceberg, but even this will be enough for a start to learning how to use various systems in bookmakers.

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